About us

BS Globalpharma LTD is a pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company’s mission is to supply and distribute licensed branded pharmaceutical products on the local market, the European market and also on non – European markets including Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

At present, BS Globalpharma LTD has formed a well developed partnership network in Greece and Romania. As a result of that the company is able to attain and supply not only with Bulgarian pharmaceutical products but also with wide range of Romanian and Greek lines.

The team of BS Globalpharma LTD has expertise in OTC and Cosmetics markets and is fostering the company development in these fields.

Our mission is to improve and expand our services and increase our products’ portfolio with products from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, in order to provide our customers with the best possible service and range of products.

Our aim is to increase both our customer base and portfolio of lines, as well as our distribution network.